Bespoke Designer Alterations

Traditional tailoring craft using the latest industry best practices

We pride ourselves in giving you the quality, fit and affordability

We offer high quality affordable tailoring using our passion and our commitment to design and quality.

Located in London, Capital Bespoke Tailoring brings to you the ultimate convenience.

Item Start From
Jacket £800
3 Piece Suit £1,450
2 Piece Suit £1,200
Trouser £300
Overcoat (Long) £950
Overcoat (Short) £850
Shirt £135
Waistcoat £250

Our commitment to excellence.

At Capital Bespoke Tailoring, we firmly believe that every customer has a personality and story that should be reflected in their clothing.

We will ensure that you have total control over the new look of your bespoke garments. We will give your new clothing a unique pattern and appearance. We will take the time to find your requirements, select the most suitable materials and apply our hand work to give those vital finishing touches to your business clothing.