About Capital Bespoke Tailoring

Traditional tailoring craft using the latest industry best practices

We pride ourselves in giving you the quality, fit and affordability

We offer high quality affordable tailoring using our passion and our commitment to design and quality.

Located in London, Capital Bespoke Tailoring brings to you the ultimate convenience.

Capital Bespoke Tailoring provides alteration and bespoke services on the master range through our professional tailors- designers that are specialised in each own field, such as:

  • meter measurement suit and long coat hand stitching services for man
  • meter measurement suit and long coat services, design project dresses, skirts and wedding night dresses for ladies.

We have got a samples of an original, old English fabrics material on which we are working out to our customers.

Capital Bespoke Tailoring provides range of alteration services for men and women such as restyling and or repairing. Our ability to our work means that any alterations that Capital Bespoke Tailoring performs to any garments of the customer will be finished unnoticeable with original stitch sequence.

Followings are some examples of alterations that Capital Bespoke Tailoring staff performs:
  • Suit alterations
  • Trouser alterations
  • Coat alterations
  • Jacket alterations
  • Shirt alterations
  • Trouser Shortening
  • Jeans Shortening
  • Coat/Jacket relining
  • Leather/Suede alterations and repairs
  • Zip replacement
  • Blouse alterations
  • Dress alterations
  • Wedding dress
  • Evening dress
  • Bridal alterations
Since the staff in Capital Bespoke Tailoring are from different ethnicity, therefore they are also very welcomed characters and have learnt their unique methods of their trades from their homeland as well as across Europe. This is why we have customers from across globe and they ensuring to tailor the garments to the level of expectations at very comparable and affordable cost.